Protos was established in 1986 on the initiative of Assicurazioni Generali and a few Banks and Industrial Groups. Since then, we have conveyed multisourcing competencies in a single, flexible, multi-sector company that provides effective tools for the most critical decision-making stages.
These mainly refer to programmes and transactions concerning development and investment, financing and refinancing, insurance and reinsurance, as well as company acquisition and divestiture, tangible and intangible corporate assets, and any other transaction related to the production, execution, distribution, supply, and installation of goods, works, and services.

Our consolidated experience with clients of different public and private sectors, both in Italy and abroad, allows us to develop ever-evolving products and lines of services based on project requirements. We implement market best practices, compliance rules, and business drivers to achieve a clear vision of the sustainability of a project, feasibility of M&A operations from a technical point of view, potential risks, and their mitigation options.

Protos team’s technical expertise acquired with large projects allows us to follow even small-scale iterative projects through sourcing and co-sourcing agreements with banks, leasing companies, investment funds, insurance and reinsurance companies.

All Protos activities are carried out in compliance with the principles of independence, transparency, and rigour, which have made us a reference in the national and international scenario.

Over the past ten years, Protos has been increasingly projected towards internationalisation. Our business model is based on the export of the know how acquired in key markets and the same modus operandi. Protos is currently working with several international clients in Israel, Eastern Europe, Venezuela, Africa, Costa Rica, South America, China, and South-East Asia.


Our values

 Our values have always been the driving force of our brand.

Our ethics are the compass that guides us along the “map of shared values”.

Integrity, independence, transparency, and confidentiality are the values that mark the start and finish of our professional path.

All our professional decisions are made respecting our clients and all the professionals who work with us. Our code of conduct, as well as all our certifications represent our modus operandi, which the market acknowledges as added value.

Our work environments are organised in such a way as to protect physical and moral integrity. We pay special attention to any form of harassment or abuse that may compromise health and safety.

You can report any abuse or violation of the Code of Conduct by writing to Odv@protos-spa.it.