Protos Certifications


DNV certificate No. 10830-2002- AQ-ROM- SINCERT, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) with the following purpose:

  • Provision of public and private project monitoring and evaluation services;
  • Analysis, verification, evaluation, and optimisation of corporate assets;
  • Advisory service for structured finance transactions;
  • Analysis, verification, evaluation, and optimisation of real estate assets.

Protos CHECK Certifications


ACCREDIA Accreditation Certificate No. 034E Rev. 07, in compliance with ISO/IEC 17020 ed. 2012 as a Type A Inspection Body in the following sectors: “Buildings, civil engineering works and related installations; environment protection and nature-related engineering works” for the following assessment typologies:

  • Assessment of the execution of works (pursuant to UNI 10721:1998 “Technical inspection services for new constructions” and to applicable laws and the client’s specifications).
  • Assessment of the planning of the works (including, where required, those carried out for verification purposes as per art. 112 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 163 of 12.04.06, Official Journal of 02.05.06, and art. 48 Italian Presidential Decree No. 207 of 05.10.2010, or pursuant to other applicable laws and subsequent amendments).

In addition to:

  • Assessment of technical content related to complaints, reserves, litigations, and claims (in compliance with the client’s specifications and applicable reference standards).
  • Assessment of the management and provision of real estate services, in compliance with the level of service established by the client.

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