Over the years, Protos has gained extensive experience and competency in the technical inspection of plants producing electric energy from traditional sources and waste. As a Lender and Insurance Advisor, Protos has become a reference for the players of the renewable energy market, which has grown considerably in the past few years. As for the Energy Saving industry, Protos has all the technical and professional competencies to provide strategic and operational support for the energy and environmental management of buildings.


Protos has been in the Infrastructure sector for over 25 years. A long track record of national and international works certifies the high quality of our services supporting mainly Banks and Insurance Companies in the granting of loans and insurance coverage for projects in different sectors (airports, railway, metros, hospitals, ports, aqueducts, motorways, etc.).


In the real estate sector, Protos holds the specific knowledge required to lead the real estate market and implements the best practices to support both lenders and investors in the selection and assessment of real estate investments and in the management of real estate assets.


Protos’ experience in the inspection and entry of data in the main Management Systems used for guarantee census and management and debt recovery (EPC, LAWEB, Administrative Management of Guarantees, etc.) has highlighted several weaknesses. As a result, it is impossible to know the actual situation of the real estate assets used as deposit-guarantee and this may have a negative impact on the recovery curves and transfer/acquisition values.